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New [May. 28th, 2005|02:35 am]
Hey, my name's Ruby, I'm 15. After seeing bits and pieces of the dreamers on various occasions I was overjoyed to actually be able to sit down and watch the entire film. I've had friends describe it as one of those "artistic" french films (aka high class porn), but it goes so much further than that. Although I'm sure I only understood about half of it, I was completely blown away and greatly look forward to figuring out all the subtleties that, at 2 am, went right over my head.

I also instantly fell in love with Eva Green and Louis Garrel. Louis is absolutely gorgeous and has a perfect nose while Eva has the most alluring, classicly beautiful body. They were a perfect pairing, however I wasn't a huge fan of Micheal Pitt. He was such a Leonardo Dicaprio type only there was something so harsh about his face in comparison to Eva and Louis'... he just didn't work aestheticly.

After seeing the movie I also looked up the director, Bertolucci, and realized that part of what seemed slightly familiar about everything was the fact that when I was younger I was pretty familiar with The Last Emperor... actually now that I think about it The Last Emperor reminds me alot of The People vs. Larry Flynt (with Courtney Love)... anyway, not the point. I really think that Bertolucci walked a very fine line between artistic erotica and fullon cheap porn, but he kept everything pretty tasteful -using nudity to help his point come across rather than just because he could. Of course I know nothing about it, but that seems as though it would be right up there with the hardest things to do as a director.

Well that ended up being alot longer than I intended it to be... I suppose I ended up rambling a bit too much. I would love to hear responses or be added, looking forward to meeting new people.


From: giagirl1000
2005-05-28 05:36 pm (UTC)
i think there was a lot of symbolism in the film; the sex, to people who don't understand, could appear as just that...sex.....
but to those willing to look deeper, there's a lot of symbolism and meaning.....
micheal pitt was supposed to be extremely different, because he was harsh like the reality they tried to escape....
if you notice eva's and louis' characters never actually fornicated, because penetration would have been too real, that's why she was "technically" a virgin when matthew came into her life....
i've seen the film about 10 times, and i love bertolucci, i personally loved the last tango in paris....he's really an idol to me as i want to be a film maker....and the cinematography in the film amazed me....like when it was raining? the patterns the rain made on the wall through the window, that took skill.....but the reason i notice all the little details is because im actually an artist, i paint.....and i believe films are like paintings, they have small messages that you have to look for...
of course all these theories are just my own, because i really believe that the film was a bit of a coming of age story.....the choice between reality and dream, the opportunity to grow, or to stagnate.....eva green stuck out because she was the character in the middle....unsure of her footing.....i think that's one of the reasons i find her so beautiful....because she's so strong, but so vulnerable in a way.....
anyways, im glad that someone so young (yes i know you're only 3 years young than me, but at 15 i doubt i would have had the ability to see past the surface of this film) can watch this film and see its intensity and know that there is so much more to it than meets the eye.....i definitely recommend looking at more of bertolucci's works...i think you'd enjoy it....and i'd love to hear your theories...i think the more you watch a film, the more you notice....that's a real piece of art...when you can look again and again, and learn something new each time...
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From: giagirl1000
2005-05-28 05:51 pm (UTC)
also the film isn't technically french, bertolucci is italian.....so well....its just independent.
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From: _cherrypop
2005-05-28 10:26 pm (UTC)
Wow, there's alot there that I really didn't notice... for example about how the contrast of Micheal Pitt's appearance to Eva and Louis' symbolizes what a foreign concept, reality, that he's bring into their lives. I also didn't even notice the rain... I'm definately going to be watching this film many more times, all the underlying symbolism is so intriguing... I think part of what has me so interested is the fact that as I'm American and see very few foreign films, I'm not really used to movies you actually have to think about but now that I've seen one... I think I'm prettyn much hooked :)

Thank you so much for actually taking the time to respond with all that. Mind if I add you?
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From: giagirl1000
2005-05-29 12:57 am (UTC)
i am something of a film fanatic...i love indie films, movies that make you think.....especially foreign directors....i'm american as well, but i have lived in europe and so...i think its affected my mentality a lot....like the sex? it didn't faze me, and i don't know if that says anything about me as a person or just the way i was raised.....
one thing i have noticed about foreign directors, french and italian specifically, is that they focus on either perspective or character development, and symbolism is always a huge huge part....
i just finished watching Gus Van Sant's Elephant....that's a film that I can understand why it went under so much critisizm...but I can also see why he developed and told the story in the way he did.....
here's a trailer in case you're interested in this one:

but yes, to answer your question, you can definitely add me.
i'll add you back.
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From: _cherrypop
2005-05-29 09:46 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty new to the whole indie/foreign film thing. I've seen a couple in the past (The Girl's Room, Welcome to the Doll House,
A Little Romance...) but they've never really sparked my interest all that much... Something in the Dreamers just got to me I guess.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better... Adding you right now :)
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